Project Summary

Given that the fundamental role of academic art museums/galleries is to teach from objects, three GLCA academic museums/galleries collaborated to create a centralized web repository and portal that shares best practices for object-based learning in a higher education, liberal arts context. TEACH VISUAL was developed by faculty and museum staff at DePauw College, Oberlin College, and The College of Wooster, and contains contributions that focus on collaborative teaching and learning across disciplines. It includes teaching resources such as syllabi, lesson plans, assignments, and other pedagogical tools for object-based learning.

To Participate

In addition to using the content on TEACH VISUAL, you can participate in this project by sharing your object-based teaching pedagogy with others by going to the Submit link above and uploading a PDF. Assignments, syllabi, assessment tools, and readings and/or links to readings are welcome. After uploading your file(s) or links, an acknowledgment email will be sent to you. The materials will be reviewed by the site administrators before being uploaded to TEACH VISUAL.


On behalf of all the faculty and staff involved in the development and implementation of the TEACH VISUAL website, we owe a great deal of gratitude to the Great Lakes College Association’s (GLCA) Expanding Collaboration Initiative for supporting our project.

The Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) Expanding Collaboration Initiative is a professional development program launched in 2013 with major funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Its purpose is to support collaborative curricular initiatives involving faculty and key professional staff who share common academic interests. The Expanding Collaboration Initiative provides financial and program staff support for the development of multi-campus communities of practice, allowing them to share expertise, develop joint programs, bring new perspectives to current courses, and engage in new realms of thinking and creativity involving one or more academic disciplines.