Scoring Rubric for Assessment of Visual Analysis

Description: Example of a scoring rubric for assessment of visual analysis, a key component to the analysis of a work of art in writing or discussion, compiled by Liliana Milkova, Curator of Academic Programs at [...]

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Critical Thinking and Writing Rubric for Research Papers

Description: This Likert-type rubric focuses on the assessment of art history and other object-based research papers. It includes assessment questions in the following areas: elements of argumentation; domain and disciplinary knowledge; synthesis and connections; abstract [...]

Critical Thinking and Writing Rubric for Extended Object Labels

Description: This Likert-type rubric can be used to both assist and assess the writing of extended objects labels. Topics covered include synthesis and connections, abstract thinking, generation of ideas, completeness, and research and writing fundamentals. [...]


Description: Many of the rubrics developed by the Association of American Colleges & Universities can be adapted for object-based teaching and learning, as well as courses centered on museum-specific topics and discussion. Click here to download [...]

Integrated Assessment Plan for Academic Art Museum

Description: This integrated assessment plan for an academic art museum provides a snapshot of how the academic art museum supports organizational, curricular, and other college goals, museum program student learning goals, and direct and indirect [...]

Object Label Editing Rubric and Object Label Writing Examples

Description: This editing rubric is used when students are doing peer edits of student curated exhibitions. Student written object labels are color coded to the rubric where they provide evidence of formal analysis, context, and [...]