Using Images in the History Classroom

Description: This chapter describes the challenges and benefits of working with images in a history classroom. The first part indicates the complexity of helping students use images as historical evidence; the second argues that close [...]

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Poetry and Painting in the 17th Century

Description: In October 2015, Professor of English, Nicholas Jones asked students in his English Renaissance Poetry (ENGL 313) to write texts linking short selections from poems in the course anthology with paintings in the Allen’s [...]

Pedagogic Approaches to Teaching with Art in the Sciences

Description: Informed by interactions with STEM faculty and pedagogic emphasis on active, inquiry-based learning that also touches on the creative aspects of science, this hand-out distinguishes four kinds of interactions with art: skill-building, thematic, problem-based [...]

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Scoring Rubric for Assessment of Visual Analysis

Description: Example of a scoring rubric for assessment of visual analysis, a key component to the analysis of a work of art in writing or discussion, compiled by Liliana Milkova, Curator of Academic Programs at [...]

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Close Looking Activities from the AMAM

Description: Sample group activities designed by Liliana Milkova, Curator of Academic Programs, Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College. These activities can be conducted with museum docents, pre-med students, or as part of class visits to [...]

Critical Thinking and Writing Rubric for Research Papers

Description: This Likert-type rubric focuses on the assessment of art history and other object-based research papers. It includes assessment questions in the following areas: elements of argumentation; domain and disciplinary knowledge; synthesis and connections; abstract [...]