Museum Cart for Russian Studies

Description: Oct 10, 2012 - Students examine and discuss ethnic objects from Eastern Europe as part of Professor Masha Belyavski-Frank's course: Werewolves, Huts on Chicken Legs and Bathhouse Demons: East European Folklore. Submitted by: DePauw [...]

Critiquing Museum Exhibitions

Description: This assignment has been used to break students into groups as follows: Working in groups of three, choose one gallery theme for your group to explore in-depth. You may choose any exhibition space from [...]

Intro to Religious Studies: Museums as Sacred Sites

Description: This one-hour classroom exercise was used in an introductory religious studies course. Students viewed a contemporary painting exhibition as well as a work of public sculpture, and debated the role of secular museums as [...]

Observation Prompts for the Gallery/Museum Tour

Description: This assignment breaks down the steps to close looking, from arrival at the gallery or museum to how to connect form and context for deeper analysis of material culture. Submitted by: The College of [...]