Teaching with Objects Resources and References

Description: This document contains over twenty articles, essays, and web links with information about various approaches and methodologies used in teaching with objects. In addition to articles and essays, the list contains links to videos, [...]

Deupi and Eckman, Prospects and Strategies for Deep Collaboration in the Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums Sector (2016)

Description: Abstract: This paper reports on the findings of a working summit hosted by the University of Miami in January 2016 at which the administrative heads of art museums and libraries from fourteen academic institutions [...]

WILLIAMSON, “Material Culture and Medieval Christianity (2014).”

Description: This brief article notes that material and spatial practices were key to medieval Christianity. By widening the field of inquiry from objects considered art to material culture, Williamson argues we can include many more [...]

Faculty, Oberlin College|

Roberts: “The Power of Patience” (2013)

Description: Professor Jennifer L. Roberts at Harvard University makes a compelling case for object-based learning by "...teaching students the value of deceleration and immersive attention." Submitted by: DePauw University Click the following link to download [...]