FS102: Academic Discourse II Writing for Art Exhibitions

Description: This course is designed to help you develop the writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills you will need for academic success. We will be developing these skills while we investigate current theory and practice [...]

Visible Bodies and the Politics of Sexuality

Description: This course examines the role of visual culture in producing varied and often-contested concepts of sexuality in American society. We examine how mainstream culture universalizes certain experiences of gender and sexuality as normative or [...]

Winter Term: Introduction to Museum Studies

Description: This course is intended to provide students with an overview of gallery/museum careers, an introduction to best practices as they relate to exhibits and collections, and discussions drawn from current issues in museology. A [...]

Readings Course: Provenance: How A Con Man and a Forger Rewrote the History of Modern Art

Description: Provenance is the true story about one of the greatest art scandals of the 20th century. The novel raises a whole host of ethical quandaries for us to consider: how does the art market [...]

Museum Exhibition Workshop

Description: This workshop will introduce students to many of the fundamental concepts behind the creation of a successful museum exhibition. Working closely with DePauw University gallery staff, students will learn how to handle and care [...]