This course is designed to help you develop the writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills you will need for academic success. We will be developing these skills while we investigate current theory and practice as it relates to understanding and explaining how formal elements in works of art help to create denotative and connotative meaning. Students investigate artworks in Allegheny College’s collection, gather appropriate information, consider historical and cultural contexts, and present their findings via exhibition labels, wall text, catalog essays, slide presentations, and the creation of online resources. Through careful reading of texts, images, and various online sources, you will examine examples of creative works in the larger context of social and political issues informing those visual texts. You will complete and present written assignments, oral presentations, and creative artistic output reflecting on and connecting formal and conceptual methods of persuasion via visual art with ideas/topics of your own that you want to convey. This seminar develops written and oral communication skills with an emphasis on persuasive communication in an academic context.

Web Editor’s Note: In addition to readings and class organization, this syllabus also contains assignments.

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