Critical Thinking and Writing Rubric for Extended Object Labels

Description: This Likert-type rubric can be used to both assist and assess the writing of extended objects labels. Topics covered include synthesis and connections, abstract thinking, generation of ideas, completeness, and research and writing fundamentals. [...]

Student Examples of Ways to Extract Meaning from Art

Description: Compiled from thirteen junior studio art majors, this list is the result of an assignment that asked the students to name various methods and ideas through which they might extract meaning from largely unfamiliar [...]

Questions for Unidentified Objects

Description: We often encounter objects about which there is no information. This list of questions can be utilized with students in an assignment where they are given unidentified objects from a collection to assess. Questions [...]

Response-Centered Peer Review for Extended Object Labels

Response Centered Peer ReviewDescription: Adapted from "Engaged Ideas," by John C. Bean, this assignment pairs students in a response-centered editing assignment. Using a clearly explained process, this warm-up exercise precedes the full class reading and [...]

Music in the Galleries: Percussion @ Peeler

Description: The attached document briefly describes a successful partnership between the DePauw University Peeler Art Center and the DePauw School of Music. Submitted by: DePauw University Click the following link to download the file(s): [...]

Visible Bodies and the Politics of Sexuality

Description: This course examines the role of visual culture in producing varied and often-contested concepts of sexuality in American society. We examine how mainstream culture universalizes certain experiences of gender and sexuality as normative or [...]